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The transformation of event marketing

Event marketing is undergoing a steady transformation, driven in part by a raft of new technologies. But other factors working behind the scenes are influencing the channel’s landscape too. Victoria Clarke investigates

There’s no doubt the marketing landscape has transformed in the digital era, but the essence of event marketing hasn’t changed since the days of the first tradeshows. People buy from people and live events allow brands the opportunity to interact on a highly personal level with their target audience – to literally get in their customers’ faces in a way like no other channel.

Today, we not only find the likes of large-scale exhibitions but also conferences, seminars, roadshows, roundtables, workshops, breakfast briefings, lunches, dinners and sports events to name a few. These can span cities, time zones and continents. They can also bridge the realms of the physical with the digital, and this is one of the ways live events marketing has evolved in recent years. Brands are increasingly integrating mobile, digital and social media with face-to-face activity to extend the lifecycle of their events and ultimately create a better customer experience.