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Unite your businesses under a single brand

Uniting a set of disparate, distinct sub-brands is an enormous challenge. Molly Raycraft speaks to marketing leaders who’ve been through the process to share how they did it and what they learned

Your brand creates the first impression customers have of your business. We all know its importance, but getting it right isn’t easy. For some it’s more complicated than others. Perhaps you’ve grown by acquisition, incorporating new companies into an ever-expanding empire? Maybe one of your sub-brands is so strong it leaves the others in its shadow? Or it could be that your brand is just a bit old-fashioned and doesn’t reflect what you do anymore.

Here we share examples and advise on each of these issues…

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  • How the Press Association refreshed its 150-year-old brand, while maintaing trust in its sub-brands
  • Why Unlimited Group united 27 agency brands to simplify things for customers and staff
  • How Baker Tilly drove brand consistency across 125 member firms in 145 countries.