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When and how to deploy tech for account-based marketing

Molly Raycraft discusses when's the right time to buy technology to support your ABM efforts, which tech to pick and how much you should be putting aside for it.

ABM technology has developed a reputation as being ‘untrue’ to the ethos of account-based marketing. Sceptics feel it takes out the essential human aspect, replacing it with cold automation. 

More suspicions mount when tech vendors share lofty tales of an ABM tech utopia, which don’t meet reality. Furthermore, some companies have been taken-in by the vendor’s spiel too soon and invested in ABM tech before their programme is properly established. Unsurprisingly these programmes can plummet from the weight of this heavy investment and resulting expectations.

While all you need during the early-stages of ABM is time, good people, and an Excel spreadsheet, bringing in technology at the right place and time (particularly when scaling) can really boost your efforts.

This article will help you understand when to use ABM technology, what kind of tech you should be looking at, and how much it’s going to set you back.

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