‘Where There’s Asana, There’s a Way’

Dave King, CMO of Asana, spoke with Kavita Singh about Asana’s video campaign, which highlighted how businesses have changed since adjusting to remote work. 

Meta would be the ideal word to use when taking a look at project management tool Asana’s latest campaign: ‘Where There’s Asana, There’s a Way.’ Not only was remote work the inspiration for its campaign video, but the company produced the entire video remotely using its own software. 

The aim was to celebrate how teams are navigating the remote work challenges related to the move to remote work with Asana.

Dave King, CMO of Asana, says: “It was inspired by meeting teams in their new realities. It’s no longer the normal 9 to 5 in the office. It is juggling the new reality of caring for kids, doing virtual homeschooling, being interrupted by pets and roommates. We were seeing a lot of campaigns that were coming out that were the sombre piano music, saying we’re all in this together. We really felt like ‘Hey we’re in a new reality, but the spirit of teamwork and what we can accomplish together is so inspiring.’”