Why B2B companies are conducting bogus research – and how to fix it

With committee purchasing, confirmation biases and an abundance of new techniques and technologies, the B2B research landscape is one fraught with challenges. Oliver Matejka speaks to industry experts to explore how B2B can overcome its problems with research 

A lucid motive underpins research: to find out what people think, feel and do. It’s this simple yet powerful idea that’s driven countless groundbreaking revelations and discoveries over the centuries, and more recently in the world of marketing. While the basis of research is unchanging, the continuous advent of techniques and tools means the practice is ever-evolving – add to that the last decade’s worth of technology and, for B2B marketers, the practice is almost unrecognisable. 

This, in part, explains why the industry is in the need of a mindset shift when it comes to research. The authority placed on statistics comes with great responsibility; all too often it’s used as a means of confirming biases and bolstering an individual’s standing. So how can marketers ensure they’re not only conducting research for the right reasons, but also using the right ingredients for best effect?