Why B2B marketers should cut out the content junk this year

2016 is the year marketers need to promise to stop producing content that bloats departments and leaves customers unsatisfied, argues Will Green

The cold, dark month of January is a hard time. The festive season is behind us and the promises of spring are still too distant to be hoped for. To make matters worse, we’re also seized by that collective impulse of self-mortification – New Year’s resolutions – where we reject the pleasures of rich food, drink, parties and frivolous spending in favour of de-tox diets, sobriety, early nights and tightened wallets.

Maybe you’ve already compiled your list of New Year’s resolutions in an attempt to be the ‘new you’. Maybe you’ve already broken some of them. If that is the case, have solace in the fact that you are certainly not alone. And maybe, just maybe, you might be ready to scrap your 25-point plan for un-specific betterment and concentrate instead on making just one, highly achievable resolution: cut out the junk in your content marketing. You will feel better, your team will feel better – and, best of all, you might be producing something your customers actually want to consume.