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Agency survey 05: Specialist agency sector is buoyant

Business-to-business marketing agencies are thriving in an uncertain economic climate, with 79 per cent reporting growth and 71 per cent describing the market as “buoyant” or “very buoyant”, whilst none described it as “regressive”. This is the central finding of the first B2B Marketing Agency Survey, in association with The Thinktank.

Growth figures for agencies varies dramatically between 91 per cent and minus 45 per cent, although the vast majority demonstrated positive growth during the past 12 months. The average growth reported by B2B agencies in this period was an impressive 15 per cent, which suggests the wider B2B marketing sector is generally in also good economic health.

However, whilst optimism reigns, it is far from blind or unqualified, with respondents citing a range of major concerns for their businesses going forward, chief amongst which was, unsurprisingly, “pressure on clients” budgets" which was identified as the chief challenge for the future by 47 per cent of agencies. Encouragingly, given its importance, the second most significant challenge identified by the survey was “ability to measure campaign effectiveness”. At the very least, this suggests that measurement is where it belongs: near the top of agencies' priorities. Whether most are any closer to finding workable answers to this is questionable.