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Agency survey 07: The only way is up for agencies

B2B marketing agencies continued to grow strongly during the 2006 financial year, reporting an average increase in gross profit of 18 per cent. This is down from the rather more spectacular figure of 30 per cent reported in last year's Agency Survey, but is still impressive, and reflective of the general health of the business marketing sector. The new figure represents the third consecutive year of strong growth - the first B2B Marketing Agency Survey back in 2004 demonstrated growth amongst consultancies of 12 per cent per year.

The B2B Marketing Agency survey is the most detailed, most accurate and most representative poll of business marketing agencies, with a cut-off of at least 50 per cent of revenue achieved through work for B2B clients.

Congratulations must be said, once again, to Gyro International, which tops the league table of agencies for the third year running. More significantly, its growth has escalated to the point where it is effectively out of sight of its nearest rivals. True, it isn't the biggest marketing agency in the world, or even the UK, but to achieve this level of growth predominantly through B2B clients is a very special achievement and requires talent, dedication andabove all exceptional leadership. Much of Gyro's growth has been achieved through acquisition, both within the UK (most notably of Manchester-based Cicero) and overseas, but that does not detract from the achievement. It must surely be only a matter of time before this 350-strong B2B agency giant floats.