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...And a partridge in a pear tree

Time definitely does move faster the older you get. I heard a convincing explanation of why this might be on Radio 4 this year: your brain registers and stores new experiences in great detail, appearing to make them 'last' a long time. When you are young, all experiences are new and thus your childhood seems to last forever. As you get older, most of us have less new experiences as you've had them before and thus, time seems to fly by.

Well if that's true it means that I've had very little new experiences this year! But in any event, this year seems to have gone by in an instant. One minute I'm hanging over the toilet bowl on New Years day wishing I hadn't mixed 'grape and grain', the next I'm a year older, getting home in the dark again and watching my children writing to Father Christmas.

Okay I know it's a little bit early, but my friend's wife tells me that Asda has had Christmas puddings on its shelves since the end of September so I feel fully justified in providing my own 'festive' content – even if it is only November.