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Avoid creative cliches at all costs

If you've been a regular reader of this column over previous months you'll be pretty well armed with the theory to implement effective B2B data-driven programmes. We've talked about the principles and best practice in B2B lead generation, hopefully demonstrating that all programmes need to start with insight, and that insight requires data.

I've shown that insight delivers understanding of who customers and prospects are, what propositions to talk to them about, how to talk to them, the value they are likely to represent to you and thus, what to invest to acquire or retain them.

Your investment in data and insight therefore provides much, much more than a targeting model. It actually provides you with the framework within which to plan all marketing programme activity – creating a context for media and channel planning – and the ability to measure at all stages. It provides information for proposition development, for messaging, for tone, for brand support and more.