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BEST PRACTICE: Address to impress

B2B marketers taking advantage of the international market have long held the premise of 'think global, act local' at the heart of any strategy. Markets have now become increasingly international; for businesses looking to successfully sell across borders, accurate address and contact information is critical. Selling into another country is difficult at the best of times; trying to do this with a database riddled with fundamental addressing mistakes highlights a lack of understanding to customers and prospects. Getting the fundamentals wrong creates a bad impression and wastes both time and money.

In the first instance, many companies rely on lists of prospect data purchased from third party sources. Another critical issue is that even though the source is qualified, most international address data lacks detail. If the original source is, for example, an online form filled in by the prospect in question, it can often be incomplete.

There are some basic and more advanced steps that a marketer can take to ensure their international B2B address data is effectively managed and adds value to an international marketing strategy: