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BEST PRACTICE: Crowdsourcing in B2B

Crowdsourcing is still a relatively new buzzword in marketing circles, first coined in 2006 by tech journalist Jeff Howe. If you've not yet come across the concept, think of applying the principles of outsourcing, to crowds of people or customers.

On the back of the recession the idea has really taken off - it is increasingly recognised as an inexpensive and efficient way for brands to make their products and services more appealing to the customer. After all, many hands make light work, on top of which, what better way to make sure you're getting it right for the customer than to ask them what they want?

Despite all of this, it seems that crowdsourcing has so far largely failed to capture the attention of B2B marketers. Which is a shame, say those who have researched it and are excited by its possibilities. Scot McKee, managing director of Birddog, says a recent blog post he wrote, entitled 'Crowdsourcing for B2B marketing' encouraged a frisson of people 'bitching and moaning' about the idea.