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BEST PRACTICE: CSR – the future of responsible marketing

The start of 2007 seems to have had everyone within the marketing industry shouting about corporate social responsibility (CSR). Buzz-words such as 'sustainability' and 'carbon footprint' abound in much of the marketing press.

The general opinion seems to be that marketers are often seen as the 'bad guys' in environmental terms, due to their high print-volumes and excessive use of materials in DM campaigns, etc. According to the CSR survey conducted by B2B Marketing (Nov/Dec 06, p26), CSR is also slower to penetrate B2B than the B2C sector, with 51 per cent of B2B companies not having a CSR policy in place.

Therefore, if we are to believe the statistics and general perception, a B2B marketer is a very 'bad egg' in terms of CSR. So where do B2B marketers stand in terms of their commitment to CSR? And what is the future of responsible marketing for the B2B sector?