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BEST PRACTICE: Enabling the email revolution

For any B2B company taking a serious look at email technology for the first time, what will become clear very quickly is that this business service sector has seen rapid growth and development. No matter what your marketing needs are, there is an email service provider (ESP) that can provide the service you are looking for.

The current email marketing landscape has clear demarcation lines that divide the online hosted services and the more traditional in-house installed systems, which are often a component of a larger CRM platform. Also, the developers of email technology will have a bearing on how they support and manage the service they offer.

Some ESPs are technology companies with little insight into the customer-facing components of their businesses. Their services are often characterised by the 'batch-and-blast' approach to email marketing. In contrast, ESPs that have been developed by specialised marketing agencies - or full-service agencies - tend to be more rounded products with their vendors able to understand and react to their service customers.