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BEST PRACTICE: Ensuring ROI on recruitment

Recruiting is a nuisance. It's never convenient, the process takes valuable time when you're short-handed and once you've got someone on board there's an inevitable settling-in period. Yet bringing in new staff is an opportunity to introduce new ideas or a fresh approach. Marketers want career progression, a new challenge plus recognition and reward. Companies want to grow the business, increase profits and expand. Successful recruiting means marrying what applicants want with company requirements; when it works, both benefit.


The good news is that marketing is a very popular career so there is rarely any problem with finding staff. Marketers are passionate about what they do and will relocate, often large distances, for a job they really want. Jenny Cainer, director of Marketing Professionals, says: “creativity and job satisfaction tends to be what motivates marketers, together with recognition and success. Marketers occasionally even take a salary cut to work on a particular brand which attracts them.”