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BEST PRACTICE: Environmental best practice for B2B inserts marketers

The DMA Inserts Council is taking the lead on the issue of environmental responsibility in insert marketing as the direct marketing industry is coming under increased governmental pressure to reduce paper-based marketing activity in the UK. The Council's development of these best practice guidelines is the latest environmental initiative the DMA has undertaken to encourage environmental awareness and best practice among direct marketing practitioners.

Best environmental practice and the B2B inserts sector

Even without the adoption of environmental best practice standards, B2B inserts marketing is relatively environmentally friendly - especially compared to B2C. For example, the majority of B2B titles are mailed directly into the home, which means that wastage is minimal because there is not the opportunity for inserts to fall out of the publication before its reaches their targeted destination. B2B titles also tend to accept fewer inserts than B2C titles, making it a better targeted channel by providing more of an opportunity for cut-through for the advertiser.