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BEST PRACTICE: Finding your way through the IPO maze

An IPO (Initial Public Offering) presents challenges and opportunities with respect to the corporate brand. It is one of the times that media coverage is pretty much guaranteed. The challenge is to ensure that the brand fundamentals and key messaging are well defined, tested and validated, not just against its 'market context', but also what is being said in the prospectus. The CMO needs to influence this and review the brand fundamentals in light of it. The risks are high and rules tight (varying on the listing exchange), but there is still an opportunity to raise profile, manage impact and enhance the overall brand.

The critical factors are: brand fundamentals; refinement and messaging; and impact execution. Overall, the most important lesson is not to leave the brand until the end of the IPO process. It must be reviewed and discussed upfront.

Make the most of your IPO An IPO provides the opportunity to build and develop a brand, to inject enhanced value, understanding and ultimately benefit. So it deserves a place at the top table from the outset.