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BEST PRACTICE: Five golden B2B SEO tips

Search engine optimisation is the process of increasing the number of unpaid web traffic finding your site through the search engines. If you haven't so far, you'll soon discover that optimising your B2B site is essential in today's business climate because some customers will only click on an organic search result so all the advertising money in the world won't make them click on your ad, and organic traffic is free.

1. Use the page title and page description fields correctly
Each page should have unique metadata which is comprised from a page title and page description. To optimise your site for Google, limit the page title to 70 characters and page description to 150 characters. The information in the page title and page description should describe the B2B nature of the page. It's important to pay attention to content duplication and avoid using the same page title or page description twice.

2. Smart link building
Building the number of links pointing to your B2B site naturally is an important factor which the search engines look at when determining your ranking. The emphasis shouldn't be made on quantity, but rather on quality. In particular look at niche directories which are associated with B2B, blogs, forums and even try to get a link from your suppliers. To check who's linking to your site or the progress of your link building, use one of the freebacklink checkers.