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BEST PRACTICE: Get trigger happy

Making your email stand out in the average business professional's inbox is a pretty tough challenge. Most decision maker's inboxes burgeon - attended only between a flurry of meetings and phone calls. Which is why the use of trigger campaigns amongst B2B marketers is on the rise.

Put simply, trigger marketing works on the premise that you communicate with your customers only when they've given you a sign that they're ready to buy. More complex is the way in which trigger marketing works - using analytics to scrutinise customer behaviour and alert marketers to actions or changes in behaviour that might indicate the customer's need for their product or service.

"An 'event-triggered' communication might be initiated through a prospect or customer clicking on a link to the firm's website, browsing certain pages while logged in, making an order, responding to a survey or through the anniversary of a purchase, for example," explains François Laxalt, marketing intelligence manager at Neolane. "These 'events' present the opportunity to quickly follow up while the contact is potentially in an enquiry or purchase frame of mind."