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BEST PRACTICE: Golden rules for cracking creative

Creative messaging can make or break a campaign, which is why it is crucial for B2B brands to get it just right. In fact, in this cut-throat economic climate, never has it been more imperative to ensure that a creative message achieves maximum standout and exposure.

Whilst it can be relatively easy to know you're achieving the latter – by running ads in the right places and measuring how many pairs of eyes are viewing your creative efforts – it can be notoriously difficult to measure the former. How do you know you're achieving standout? How do you know whether your artistic efforts are pleasing to the audience they're intended for? With creative work being as subjective as it is, there are few hard and fast rules for effective evaluation, but read on for eight top tips and hints that should help you to discover whether you're on the right track.

The first step to the successful evaluation of creative work begins before the first brush stroke or snapshot has even manifested itself, says Ian Allison, creative director at Bell. “People often talk of creative as an end-product, when in fact it is part of a process with a tangible end-product,” says Allison.