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BEST PRACTICE: In-house or out-sourcing marketing?

Business management teaches that the company that tries to do everything in-house will spread itself too thinly, do most things badly and lose sight of its core values. That's why many engage partners to perform functions that aren't brand differentiators, such as IT activities or payroll management. This brings new efficiencies through economies of scale (the external firm has better resources and specialist expertise, but can spread the cost between multiple clients) and ensures the job is done well.

Marketing and PR agencies have long used this argument to win business – offload your marcoms activities to the experts so that you can focus on what you're good at; namely, creating something worth marketing. But how wise is it to entrust your core customer messages to a third party, whose financial incentives may not be as directly linked to your business's success as they might like you to believe?

Which activities are 'safe' to outsource and which are sacrosanct and should be controlled internally? And once you've divided up your activities between in-house and out-of-house, how do you ensure the best results? In this feature, B2B Marketing outlines both routes.