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BEST PRACTICE: How to make your B2B customers love you

  Claes FornellIf your customers don't feel like they receive a good service from your company, particularly when making a complaint, you can kiss goodbye to their future loyalty. Read on for my five top tips on how to ensure your customers feel valued and that their feedback is welcomed.

With the ever-increasing rate of technological change, companies are more inclined to continually offer bigger, improved, feature-rich products and services, convinced that the latest and greatest will ensure continued loyalty. This is often done at the expense of core service and product delivery. Providing products and services on time and to specifications is far more likely to win the hearts of your customers than giving them more than they want (or need) half the time. 

Companies of any size have their own unique process and develop their own nomenclature and acronyms to the point that many of them compile internal dictionaries or glossaries of terms for staff. Your customer may adopt some of this language giving the appearance of being an "insider" to your company. Remember, they are customers.  Their understanding of your company's world is different than yours. They have only partial knowledge, at best. Make sure communication is clear, concise and complete.  It is hard to over-communicate with a business customer.