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BEST PRACTICE: Improve your web ranking

The Google page rank (GPR) is a score between zero and 10 (zero being the lowest and 10 the highest) that Google awards to every web page it references. A web page's GPR is an indication of how important Google assesses it in relation to all other websites. The GPR can be seen within the Google toolbar in your browser for every web page you visit. (The Google toolbar can be downloaded from - click on 'more' then scroll down to 'Google Tools' where you will find it.)

Relevance first
A good ranking means that your website will rank higher in the search engine's 'natural' results. For example, when a user searches for 'couriers London' Google finds all of the relevant websites (based on keywords etc.) then it lists them in order of importance, based on page ranking. Ultimately the higher its page ranking, the higher that website's position on a natural search will be.

It is not enough on its own just to have a good GPR as this assesses importance, not relevance. Therefore when someone runs a search in Google it does not return all the websites with a high GPR, as these would not all be relevant.