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BEST PRACTICE: Industry awards

Industry awards might not boast quite the same glamour as the Oscars, but nothing motivates teams more than official recognition for their efforts. And there's no pride quite like that of being able to parade rosettes in front of new customers. Yet, with the plethora of awards available to choose from, there's a knack to targeting the right ones to apply for, to maximising your chances of winning and making sure you derive the best possible results if you are lucky enough to take home a gong.

1. Choose your awards carefully

Creative marketing agency Mason Zimbler scooped two major awards in 2006: 'B2B Marketing Agency of the Year', and 'CNET Technology Marketing Campaign of the Year'. The company specialises in the technology sector, providing a full range of marketing disciplines so it made sense for the company to enter a high-profile award geared specifically towards B2B marketing and also one concerned with marketing in the IT industry. These highly relevant wins have given the agency a stronger, more targeted message to take to their existing clients as well as helping them when pitching to new clients.