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BEST PRACTICE: Integrated marketing

Tony Holmes, group account director with McCann Erickson, offers a nice analogy about the powers of effective integrated marketing. He says, "Good integration gives different channels different roles to play. Using a musical analogy, it's the difference between 'unison' - where every instrument plays exactly the same notes - and 'harmony' - where they play different notes that come together to create one beautiful, orchestral sound."

The components of this 'sound' have altered considerably however, in response to the onward march of digital. The speed of this change has caught many marketers off balance. Digital, clearly, is likely to play an integral role in virtually any form of integrated marketing mix these days. Which has left many wondering, is there still a place for offline techniques? And more pertinently, what factors should marketers be considering in this new environment when they come to formulate the mix?

Here, B2B Marketing sets out some crucial steps that should be considered to ensure your integrated marketing mix hits the right notes.