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BEST PRACTICE: Make your email marketing campaign more effective

Consider this: on a good day your email might be opened by 40 per cent of recipients, but only five per cent might take action. To make matters worse, readers decide whether or not to view your email in less than a second. Try implementing the following best practices to help improve results immediately.

1. Watch your fold
For most email clients, the ideal above the fold mark is 300 to 500 pixels from the top of the view pane. This is your prime opportunity to grab the viewer's attention. Make the most of it. At a bare minimum, it is an opportunity to reinforce your branding.

2. Use calls to action as often as possible
Make sure your main call to action is above the fold at least once. If represented by a button, make sure there is a text link, which can repeat the call to action message directly under the button or be incorporated into any primary HTML text messaging.