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BEST PRACTICE: Marketing to IT buyers

There are plenty of opportunities to 'gamble' a marketing budget - advertising, mailshots, events, executive influence programmes - but few guides to measure the relative value. Demonstrating the success of marketing - except by the end-result (sales generated) - is very difficult. Marketshare or shipments are only snapshots and do not show momentum, buying intentions or expensive never-to-be-repeated purchasing mistakes. During a marketing campaign, measuring eyeball share helps, but does not show the level of influence or 'mindshare' gained.

The value of mindshare depends on roles and responsibilities in the decision making process.

Recent Quocirca research has reinforced the view that simply pursuing a sale at the technical level will often result in failure, as many critical decisions are not taken in the IT function. Opportunities that seemed only moments from closing will fail, even though the right approvals have been gained, because budgets are reprioritised.