BEST PRACTICE: Marketing to marketers

At first glance, having to devise a marketing campaign aimed directly at your marketing compatriots in other companies and agencies can feel like a daunting prospect. The industry itself is complex, with both agencies and inhouse teams to target and each area often divided into numerous niche disciplines.

On top of the complexity of the market itself, this is an industry that lives and breathes ideas. Your target market - whether they are client or agency-side - are in constant dialogue about new plans and methods of developing their brands and brainstorming everything from company positioning through DM to full-blown integrated through-the-line campaigns. Many of them, of course, will be doing this with the benefit of major budgets, which can run into millions of pounds. With this pre-existing focus, experience and responsibility, this is evidently a group that needs to be carefully approached.

An evolving industry
In addition to having to overcome the high experience level of your target audience, there are other challenges here. The marketing industry is beginning to undergo some major changes; rules of engagement are shifting as audiences become increasingly marketing-resistant while more media and brand literate. At the same time, the advertising market continues to fragment and the Internet is starting to have a truly revolutionary impact on how those in the marketing industry carry out their day jobs.