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BEST PRACTICE: Planning for global creative

This article will make your B2B brand a global success. I was getting on a plane from Edinburgh with Ian, a very well-dressed Investment Manager who had been involved in marketing in his early years. As we were stood on the steps waiting for the people in front to get on the plane he recalled his time working for Brylcreem.

"We saw our sales in Africa rising on an almost daily basis so we thought we should give some marketing support to the region. After running our ad campaign sales were not getting any better and we couldn't understand why. It came down to the fact that people were using the Brylcreem to cook with not to put in their hair". 

In my book this is not a creative problem but it did make me think if there was a single creative idea that could sell Brylcream as a cooking fat and a hair product at the same time. The commercial I envisaged was rubbish and called ‘Waiter, there's food in my hair'.