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BEST PRACTICE: Ten things to check before you hit send

1. Is everything signed off?
If you are sending on someone else's behalf, or it's a team effort, get confirmation of sign off on the email layout, copy, 'from' field and subject line. Keep a record of this by having a written confirmation email of approval.

2. Has the email layout been tested?
Since there are a number of popular email software and web-based platforms that people use, it's a good idea to test your email layout to ensure it renders well. Aside from the actual layout, you'll also want to make sure that your content reads well with or without the images on.

3. Is there a default personalisation element set up?
If there are any personalisation elements within the email you should check that a default is in place. For example, if you are personalising by first name, have a 'Dear Customer' set up too just in case there are any fields missing in your database. You want to get this right, because 'Dear [insert name]' really takes away from all the positives that a personalised email can provide.