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BEST PRACTICE: Thought leadership marketing: Where do you stand?

Positioning your firm as a thought leader will improve your lead generation and overall business growth. You'll earn trust and build credibility as a firm that understands the business needs of your market.

Research has shown that thought leadership is fast becoming the most widely used B2B marketing practice [10 Megatrends in B2B Marketing, Economist Intelligence Unit, 2008]. How well is your firm positioned as a thought leader? The first step in knowing what you need to do to improve your thought leadership positioning is to assess your firm's level.

Level 1: Unbranded
You don't know what thought leadership marketing is and/or you don't value it. You have no thought leadership marketing goals. You don't document your knowledge. You don't write or speak about your ideas consistently, so few people know what they are. You don't have a clear understanding of why you get customers. You may perform your work at a high level, but you're not top-of-mind in your market.