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BEST PRACTICE: Top tips for virt-yule greetings

  Ian AndersonAsk the Post Office and they say their research shows that 90 per cent of people prefer a card they can physically hold - but ask the public and 99.9 per cent would probably say they are likely to be biased.
It was Sir Henry Cole who fired off the world's first Christmas card in 1843, and ever since the UK has been in love with the idea - we now send over two billion cards annually.

However, for business owners the whole subject is fraught with problems - go the e-card route and you could be accused of being impersonal and a cheapskate, go the traditional route and your green credentials are shot to pieces and the mailing eats into that ‘credit crunch' based Christmas festivities budget.

It certainly appears that the UK as a whole is moving online - a telltale sign being the drop in the number of cards bought in High Street shops over the past few years.