BEST PRACTICE: Training your staff to take your message to market

As a marketer, you create stunning marketing campaigns to be proud of. However, then you have to rely on staff in other departments - sales, fulfilment, call-centres and customer relations - to take your message to market. If your colleagues don't understand what you're getting at - or worse, can't be bothered - then your cutting-edge campaign simply won't have the impact it should, or will fail altogether.

Training can ensure that the people you work with have the skills, knowledge and information they need to get your message across. Not only that, it can impart an enthusiasm for the subject which makes the rest easier. Ian Luxford, learning services director at Grass Roots Group, says, "Once people know and understand the purpose behind what they're being asked to do, they become much more motivated to acquire the skills necessary to do it." The focus of training has changed over the last few years from 'What do I want to teach?' to 'How can I make people want to learn?'

Today, learners are no longer passive recipients of information, but take an active and interactive part in acquiring knowledge and skills. Few doubt that the end results are much more positive.