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BEST PRACTICE: Working the room - Twitter for B2B

As Twitter zooms up the hype curve, it can be hard to make sound judgements about its value for B2B marketing.  But your personal feelings about sharing 140 characters worth of personal insight with a few thousand strangers are largely irrelevant now.  You're a marketer - you need to know this stuff.

In March, B2B Marketing featured 'Marketing in the Twitter stream' by Tom Chapman. But here are some more tips to get you going:

1. Get an account
Hurry before the good names are gone. And make sure you use a photo, a compelling mini-biography and your web URL in your profile. Descriptive profiles get more (and more relevant) followers. There's some debate about whether a personal account or a company account is best. Do both. You can use a tool like CoTweet to manage a multi-user company account.