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CSR is slow to penetrate B2B sector

B2B companies are failing to embrace corporate social responsibility (CSR), according to new research by B2B Marketing in association with Milestone, which reveals that less than 50 per cent have a CSR policy in place.

'Lack of resources' was cited as the primary reason for companies' failure to implement CSR (33 per cent), although 'insufficient discernable benefits' was close behind (29 per cent). Most alarmingly, a quarter of companies who had not implemented CSR (10 per cent of the overall total) stated that they were 'not aware of the term'.

The role of the MD in managing CSR was underlined by the survey (see Figure 1), which revealed that responsibility for such activity falls under this individual's remit in 40 per cent of the companies that are embracing it. This is likely to be a reflection of the MD's importance in committing to CSR in the first place: unless the senior figure has championed its benefits, many companies would simply not have invested time or resources in it.