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DEBATE: “Can Apple's iPhone become a serious competitor to Blackberry in the B2B mobile telecoms market?”

  David WaltersBy David Walters, chief technology officer, LBM 

Increasingly, boundaries are fading between home and office – particularly in my field of IT. So I suspect the market will be demanding the functionality and practicality from a single business device that will allow you to combine the best of both worlds. Telephony, SMS and business email will be as important as Internet, music and video.

Practically, reading emails and attachments on an iPhone is easier. I love the “pinch” technology that allows me to expand the screen with touch and the ability to switch the screen from portrait to landscape. PDFs don't work well on a BlackBerry as they blur when you try to expand – iPhone fixes this and the screen is big enough to read attachments. Typing is also easy on the iPhone using the on-screen keyboard.

I've been surprised at how well IT infrastructure and security have received the iPhone. My team likes the Cisco VPN compatibility as well as the single hardware platform. Too many variants of BlackBerry devices make virtual support that little bit more difficult.