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DIGITAL MARKETING: Digital Masterclass - Affiliate marketing

Any company with an online presence and product or service to promote should consider affiliate marketing - it's an ideal way to market your business to new audiences and generate revenue with reduced risks. Selected wisely, an affiliate programme can open the door for your business, regardless of its size.

Inhouse or network?
When moving forward with an affiliate marketing programme there are two options: you can either build the programme in-house or partner with an affiliate network. An in-house-only affiliate programme may be appropriate if your business is too small to join a network, or if you have the resource, technology, publisher reach and experience to easily manage a programme in-house.

If you choose to work with a network, you will benefit from the ability to work across its pre-established web of publishers as well as the overall set up, publisher payment process, technology and expertise. The following tips are based on using a network.