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DIGITAL MASTERCLASS: Animating your site with avatars

The term 'avatar' has become part of our daily vernacular. Essentially an avatar is the digital representation of a character, person or concept. Avatars can be used as online personalities that - through a combination of visual and textual cues - convey a specific ethos, personality or brand image.

Currently many businesses are opting to create online avatars as part of an intelligent self-service functionality, in order to project brand personality and to deal with enquiries, both internal and external, more efficiently. But what do B2B brands need to consider when using such a tool?

Is an avatar suitable for my brand?
Generically speaking, B2B sites that are geared towards avatars are those targeting the mass business market, such as utilities, B2B retail and telecoms. They may want to provide a more 'conversational' interaction for users.