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DIGITAL MASTERCLASS: Manage your online reputation in real time

Your reputation is much more than a customer opinion. Your online audience now has the capability to react immediately to anything said around your brand in real time via micro blogging sites such as Twitter, social networks and forums - so managing your brand on a minute-by-minute basis is becoming increasingly important.

Keeping on top of what is being said and measuring the value of your reputation has traditionally been a tough thing to do, but thanks to online reputation management (ORM) you now have the ability to gain insight quickly about what is happening, react accordingly and receive vital information to help formulate branding strategies for the future.

Who is talking about you?
Of the one billion Google searches a day, results are dominated by social media. The most expensive advertising campaign can't compete with the credibility of word-of-mouth - especially when that voice is echoed hundreds of thousands of times. A public complaint simply holds more power than a private letter to a company's CEO.