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As technology becomes ever-more ingrained in day-to-day marketing strategy, we are faced with terminology and jargon many of us don't have time to get to grips with. So what exactly is a mashup? As with many Internet terms, a mashup means different things to different people. A simple definition is that it is a web application that utilises data from different sources, combining it into a single application. 

The classic mashup is the use of cartography applications such as Google Maps. This is where websites plot data over a map showing for example, where each of your customers is located. A good example of this type of mashup can be found at, which plots free wi-fi access points on a Google Map.

Mashups have become popular because companies such as Google, Amazon, Yahoo and Microsoft are providing us with access to applications we've never had before. If you wanted to develop your own version of Google Maps it would take many months and cost huge sums of money. However, Google give it away for free as part of its brand-building activity.