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DIGITAL MASTERCLASS: Using your website as a customer intelligence tool

The current economic turmoil has forced us to be more efficient and targeted. Here are five ways for B2B marketers to tap an easily accessible font of insight to aid them in this process - by turning their websites into a customer intelligence tool.

1. Locate customer pain points
People's behaviour in the web world is in many ways the same as in the physical. When someone stops to browse items in a store you can tell a lot about their interests - the colours they like, the fashions. The same holds true online. Every time a visitor comes to your site their behaviour reveals what they are interested in and what their pain points or needs are. You need to be able to respond with the same degree of sensitivity as you would in the physical world. 

2. Understand when a prospect is ready
to engage

Having carried out initial research online, visitors to your site are more knowledgeable about you and the available alternatives than ever before. You too have to be smarter. You need to quickly establish yourself as an authority in their area of interest.