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Email goes from strength to strength

Email may become the B2B marketing medium of choice, with marketers investing more budget in this channel and sending more emails more frequently than ever before. This is according to new research by B2B Marketing in association with Newsweaver, which suggests that far from being put off by issues relating to spam and inbox overload, business marketers are actively seeking to increase their investment in this medium.

Eighty seven per cent of respondents to the survey said they regard email as an 'important', 'very important' or a 'critical' part of their marketing activities whilst only 13 per cent regard it as 'not important'.

A similarly large majority confirmed that email is on the increase: 77 per cent said they were sending more email campaigns than 12 months ago, whilst 67 per cent said the volume of individuals they are targeting through email is on the rise. Sixty eight per cent of B2B marketers send out at least one email marketing campaign a month, although volumes remain relatively small, with almost half (47 per cent) sending out less than 1000 emails a month.