How to: Align content with the customer journey

It’s vital your content marketing reaches the right people at the right time to ensure success. Greg Aris, director at Smarts Illuminate, reveals how to make content part of your customer journey

There is a huge amount of content creation going on in the world of business marketing – over the past two years, interest in content and content marketing has risen to fever pitch. Not since the great social media gold rush five years ago, where the scramble for likes, followers and fans eclipsed all other strategic communications objectives, has there been such all-pervasive use of a marketing buzzword.

However, marketers need to have a clear purpose in mind – creating content that lacks this is pointless and worse than creating none at all. Focusing on your customers when thinking about content can go a long way in helping to minimise the risk that your businesses key messages, expertise and beautifully crafted content drift unseen into a cold, dark corner of the internet.