How to: Align with your sales team

A healthy relationship between sales and marketing is vital to business success. Ian Morgan, client services director at Blue Chip Marketing, provides six steps to enjoying a happy partnership

Sales staff are a sad, disaffected bunch. The relationship between them and the marketing department can often feel like a marriage in crisis – they think you don’t care, that you don’t understand them, that you’re not making the effort to make the relationship a success. Some are constantly on the verge of leaving. Worse still, others seem to stay merely to spite you, to make your life a misery.

Yet the most successful businesses are built on a happy marriage between sales and marketing. By developing meaningful bonds with your sales partners you can give them the satisfaction they secretly crave – and in so doing you can make the earth, and your sales, really move. So here I am – your relationship counsellor – with a few tips: