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HOW TO: Avoid the trash

Email marketing might be a cheap and easy way to deliver a message to your key prospects, but get it wrong and the price could be dear. Research shows that as a marketing tool it is on the rise; the B2B Marketing Insight report 2007 uncovered it as the fastest growing medium in terms of investment, but as with any upward trend there is the danger that without boundaries it will eventually crash and burn. This effect has already been seen to some extent in the B2C sector, thanks to a proliferation of spammers and their relentless attack on inboxes.

While the threat of spamming may not be as great an issue within B2B marketing given its natural tendency to be much more targeted, it is still one of several things to consider when devising an email campaign. The physical act of putting an email together, complete with pictures and fancy fonts, is child's play given the number of software tools on standby to assist, but the thought process surrounding its conception is crucial for any marketer who doesn't want their efforts to end up straight in the spam or deleted items folder. Read on to discover the seven steps that read win, not sin, for your email campaign.

1. Keep it clean
An email campaign is nothing without a list of contacts to send it to. And while it might be tempting to get your campaign in front of as many people as possible, it actually makes more sense to ensure the database of contacts you do have is of a high quality.