HOW TO: Boost performance using visual storytelling instead of slides

We’ve all heard the term 'Death by PowerPoint'.  My favorite is 'PowerPoint Poisoning'. Type either term into your favorite search engine’s image search and you’ll find some great comic relief. Whichever you prefer, these terms are ways to describe the lack of interactivity and boredom engendered by slide presentations. You've only got one chance to stand out from the crowd, and slides aren't the answer.

There’s also a lot of talk today about 'visual storytelling'. But too often this term is used as a rallying cry to simply spruce up PowerPoint decks with more visuals and other 'eye candy'. It’s still primarily a one-way dialogue. True visual storytelling is being able to ditch the slides and stand up at a whiteboard in front of your prospect with nothing more than a pen, and tell a compelling story with hand-drawn visuals. If you can do this you’ll build more trust with your prospect by engaging them in a fully interactive dialogue and showing them you truly own the story.

Here are ten ways salespeople can boost performance using true 'visual storytelling' instead of slides. Whether using a whiteboard, a flipchart, the back of an envelope, or a tablet PC via desktop sharing software, savvy salespeople are now using the 'whiteboarding' approach to visual storytelling to engage with prospects in a way that will set them apart from the competition.