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HOW TO: Break down barriers to effective email marketing

Poor data and a lack of strategy are two of the biggest obstacles in email marketing. Parry Malm, account director at Adestra, suggests ways to overcome these hurdles

Systemic shortfalls of  marketing ecosystems are holding back digital marketers, according to recent research by Adestra. Fifty five per cent of marketers say the biggest barrier to effective use of email is lack of quality data (49 per cent say lack of segmentation). In such a data-driven discipline, this lack of confidence is worrying, especially as only 52 per cent regularly clean their data and 16 per cent either don’t know who’s opting in, or use neither opt-in or opt-out – key reasons for deliverability problems.

The second biggest barrier is lack of strategy (52 per cent say this) – without a clear strategic plan in place, it’s no surprise that objectives and outcomes are compromised. Email marketing is not a siloed marketing channel, therefore strategic integration with cross-channel marketing activities is key to improving results and supercharging ROI.