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HOW TO: Cope with 'acts of God' when running an international event

For event organisers, 2010 was the year of the unexpected. Mother Nature reminded us all how powerless we are when she decides to strike. We saw the year open and close with heavy snowfall across the UK, turning winter from wonderland to wasteland as travel pandemonium ensued. 

Last spring brought an even bigger surprise: a volcanic eruption in Iceland made headlines across the world. Air travel came to an abrupt halt and the words ‘Eyjafjallajökull’ and ‘ash cloud’ became synonymous with frustration and despair as thousands struggled to return home or reach their destination.

Whilst disruption on this scale is incredibly frustrating for travellers, for event planners there are also serious professional risks involved. No matter how much hard work you have put into your event, if an “act of God” occurs and you are not prepared, the consequences could damage your company’s reputation for years to come.