HOW TO: Create B2B content worth sharing

Getting your content passed on shouldn’t be confused with it going ‘viral’, says Dave McMullen, co-founder of integrated agency RedPepper.  Here are four tips for creating ‘shareable’ content

Most companies are beginning to realise the power of social media, and at least once a month someone will ask how to make a piece of content go viral. I’m assuming when they say ‘viral’ they mean get as many people to view it as fast as possible. The idea is to spend a little time and money creating on the front-end and hope for the content to spread like, well, a virus. But I’d like to suggest that for companies and brands that want to enlist their current customers to help find new customers, viral is not the right goal.

For most brands, and especially B2B brands, it is unrealistic to expect their content to do as well as most of the insanity that gets spread across YouTube.