How to: Create a compelling joint value proposition

Kirsty Gilchrist, MD of Twogether, advises channel marketers how to create a joint value proposition that will please all of the people, all of the time

It's hardly surprising that marketers know, love and live by value propositions. After all, creating and disseminating value propositions is one of marketing’s most important activities.

Of course, a value prop is much more than just the features and benefits of a particular solution or service. It comprises everything that wraps around your product and creates the total value for your end customer. And if you sell through an indirect channel – for most of us, that’s tech – the wrap includes your channel partners’ input.

So, how can channel marketers ensure their message cuts through and makes it easy for the customer to choose their solution? And can they achieve that while simultaneously tapping into that very powerful resource: their channel partners?